Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mushroom - Early One Morning [1973]


- Aengus McNally / guitars, tin whistle, vocals
- Colm Lynch / percussion, bodhran, wind and wood chimes, vocals
- Alan Brown / bass, 12-string guitar, vocals
- Michael Power / organ, harpsichord, moog, vocals
- Pat Collins / violin, electric violin, vocals

Their album features traditional Celtic folk-flavoured melodies that are given both a delicate and hard-rocking treatment: delicate in the form of melodic, mellow ballads, and hard rocking when Collins’s fiddles battle it out with McNally’s fuzzy, blazing guitar, particularly on traditional instrumental jigs. Although not as sophisticated and instrumentally accomplished as a FAIRPORT CONVENTION or a STEELEYE SPAN, for example, MUSHROOM’s release is still worth a spin despite the average sound quality, if only for the pleasure of hearing some vintage psychedelia given a nifty Celtic folk treatment. Note: the CD version includes the band’s famous mid-70’s singles in the form of 3 bonus tracks.


01. Early one morning (2:37)
02. The Liathdan (4:17)
03. Crying (3:53)
04. Unborn child (3:44)
05. Johnny The Jumper (3:04)
06. Potters Wheel (2:20)
07. Standing Alone (5:36)
08. Devil Among The Tailors (2:44)
09. Tenpenny Piece (3:28)
10. Drowsey Maggie (3:57)
11. King of Alba (4:17)

Total Time: 39:57

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Artwork included.
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virshla said...


Music said...

welcome back !

This is an amzing album !


sturgut said...

Welcome back friend..

Could you re-upload :
White Noise - An Electric Storm [1969]

virshla said...

Re-up of White Noise - An Electric Storm [1969] is coming... :-)

Fran Solo said...

Gracias Virshla, esta es una de las "joyitas" perdidas del folk-rock irlandés.
Fran Solo

Nocona said...

I'd heard 'Crying' and 'Unborn Child' and absolutely loved the sound of the music, and I was so happy to see that someone had posted this album!

Thank you very much for uploading it!

Anonymous said...

thank god!!!!!!!
I've been loking after Mushrom in 3 years now, after i was a idiot who sold my vinyl-eksemlar for 80 dollar in a wery wery weryy...weak moment.
Sorry my bad english. If you are a female you deserve a great kiss from me! I already love y!
aaaaa... guess who shall play load on my Cerwin Vega 2 x 750watt loadspeakers now,..and the next time i have a party?..Yes..-that will be meeee!, and celebrate it with a Arran singele cask Wiskey...or a Bruicladdic..or a Arbeg,..or whatewer..
This is really,really,gooood music jeeah!!
Thank you for make this awsome music avaible!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of "happy thankyou.s" from the happy man, PAL in Norway, Trondheim


Anonymous said...

from Pal in Norway,ref:Mushroom:
..after i realy looked at your site, i saw that you might a female!,..hehehe, no kiss to you!,but a huge Salute to you instead. english sucks!)

Thanks again for making this music avaible..
PAL :-)

Virshla said...

It doesn't matter how Your English is, whats important is that we understand each other. Greetings all the way from Macedonia to Norway (which is a country on the top of the list of countries that I want to see in live..)
Enjoy the music, and a good glas of whiskey,

Cheers from me,

Martin :)

paudman said...

I had the LP version of this from the late 1970s - which I sold for an amazing sum in the early 1990s - but I also have a three-track EP on the Hawk label containing amongst others a version of Suin Ni Duibhar. I've been told by various experts (!) that this does not exist. Anyone else have a copy?