Thursday, April 26, 2007

Foltin - Outre-Mer [1997]

The Group's first album. Excellent piece of music!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Dragan Dautovski Quartet - Patot Na Sonceto (The Path Of The Sun) [2001]

The best Macedonian folk musician Dragan Dautovski, had his concert 3 days ago here in Macedonia. The concert was important because D.Dautovski played an ancient instrument found here in Macedonia called Ocarina
This instrument is 6000 years old, it is found in the area of the city of Veles.
Here is a picture of Dragan Dautovski holding the ancient flute

The instrument is circle-shaped and it has three holes for making tones.
The instrument gives only 13 tones, but D. Dautovski claimed that he had found 3 more tones.
Below is the quartet's first album after Dragan Dautovski has left the group Synthesis. Dragan Dautovski was founder of this group, and first it was called D.D. Synthesis.
However, this album doesn't contains any tracks played on Ocarina, because the instrument was presented three days ago, as I said before.

01 - Molitva (Prayer)
02 - Ogledalo (Mirror)
03 - Gorocvet (Highland Blossom)
04 - Kopnezh (Longing)
05 - Mesechina (Moon)
06 - Patuvanje (Journey)
07 - Jano, Jano
08 - Balkan (Balkans)
09 - Nasproti Vetrot (Against The Wind)
10 - Zajdi, Zajdi Jasno Sonce [Bonus Track]

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Enjoy the Macedonian Folklore! :-)

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Mizar - Kobna Ubavina (Terrible Beauty) [2004]

Vocal on this album is Goran Trajkovski from another great Macedonian Band - Anastasija
This is the group's last album, but currently they are working on a new album, again with the first singer, Goran Tanevski.
Enjoy in this album, it is great piece of Music, a MUST HAVE Album.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mizar - Svjat Dreams [1990]

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Little Richard and Jimi Hendrix - Friends from the Beginning [1965]

A real rare album!!! Only on! Enjoy!
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Mizar - Mizar [1988]

Again, one of the most greatest Macedonian Rock Bands Ever!!! This Is their first album form 1988, the are currently working on a new album, their fifth album, after the reunion in 2004.
Enjoy!!! :-)

63,3 Mb

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Foltin - Donkey Hot [2003]

01 - Engracadinha
02 - Moulin Rouge (As A Dutch Discotheque)
03 - I Like To Be A Horse
04 - Teresa
05 - No Coche No Mujer
06 - Muriel Mule (My Name Is)
07 - Donkey Hot (Contra Moulin Rouge In Amsterdam)

16 Mb

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Foltin Lo-Lee-Ta-Too [2005]

One of the best Macedonian Bands in History!


(Bitola, Macedonia)

Foltin in short, is an unusual cast, whose music is hard to define, and every attempt to insert it into a musical genre would not be very successful(ethno-punk, disco, klezmer etc.).
Foltin’s music is surreal, passionate and witty, characterized with a frantic dance atmosphere, which is achieved with the fast Macedonian rhythm.

Even though they use standard musical elements, their approach in creating the atmosphere is unpredictable and above all, original. In their musical identity, an anglo-macedonian hybrid, a collision exists between the East and West.
Their language is an imaginary mixture or phonetic imitation of the world languages like: Spanish, French, Romanian, and Portuguese? their ¨spontaneous Esperanto¨.
Foltin are describing themselves as pseudo-emigrant cabaret, and often their concerts are turning into real performances.
It is not a strange thing to imagine all that when you consider the fact that they have worked on a music for theatre performances, in which they are famous for using the ready-made ¨instruments¨ or creating ambiental sound with objects from unmusical primer function, construction of some kind sculptures and installations. Their last project is ¨Davy The Bowie + Fallen from Mars¨ - cover versions on David Bowie?s songs, sounding very special being performed by Foltin. Foltin exist since 1995 and so far released four albums.
They took part in many musical and theatre festivals in Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria and they have been awarded for their work many times.


Branislav Nikolov a.k.a Wordman Rexpen – vocal
Pece Nikolovski a.k.a Pierre Capitan – clarinet
Pece Trajkovski a.k.a Peter Helmsman – accordion
Goce Jovanoski a.k.a G.J. Mastman – bass
Slavcho Jovev a.k.a S.J. Oarsman – drums

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Just for love [1970]


1. Wolf Run, Pt. 1
2. Just For Love, Pt. 1
3. Cobra
4. The Hat
5. Freeway Flyer
6. Gone Again
7. Fresh Air
8. Just For Love, Pt. 2
9. Wolf Run, Pt. 2

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Ougenweide - Ousflug [1979]

A Masterpiece! Great album! Kraut/Folk Rock.
1. Tobacco-Lob 4:32
3 Tänze:
2. Basse danse La Gatta 1:18
3. Ballo Francese aus Il Primo Libro Di Balli (1578) 2:39
4. How can I Keep my maiden head 4:13
5. Schöne Hexe 4:32
6. Ousflug 3:41
7. Orschel Baffmacher 4:02
8. Gerhart Atze 4:00
9. Maienzit 5:25
10. Denunziantenlied 2:03
11. Lügenlied 5:20

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Friday, April 13, 2007

P.L.J. Band - Armageddon [1982]


01 - Intro
02 - I See People
03 - Ezekiel
04 - Oye
05 - Armageddon I
06 - Armageddon II
07 - The Void
08 - Theme
09 - Star Wish

Great Progressive Rock from Greece! A MUST HAVE album.
Macedonian Rock and Prog Rock Albums soon..... :-)

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Lonnie Youngblood Featuring Jimi Hendrix - Two Great Experiences [1965]

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails [1969]

01. Who Do You Love - Part 1 [3:33]
02. When You Love [5:14]
03. Where You Love [6:07]
04. How You Love [2:45]
05. Which Do You Love [1:49]
06. Who Do You Love - Part 2 [5:52]
07. Mona [7:01]
08. Maiden Of The Cancer Moon [2:52]
09. Calvary [13:34]
10. Happy Trails [1:30]

Total Time: 50:16