Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eela Craig - Eela Craig [1971]

Now, there's a piece of music I haven't heard it in a while... Lucky that I found it somewhere in my phonograph collection, so I could once more remember the good times I had while listening to this album. Maybe the best Austrian Prog-Rock band ever, and one of the most influential Prog-Rock bands in the history, responsible for the Austrian progressive movement, with the prime mover Hubert Bognermayr (keyboards and vocals). This is their first album, and by my opinion, their best. After this album, followed "One Niter" ('76), "Hats of Glass" (’77), "Missa Universalis" (’78), "Virgin Oiland" (’80), "Hit or Miss" (’88) and "Symphonic Rock" (from ’95 containing the 2nd and 3rd LP on 1 CD). A warm recommendation to all Progressive Rock lovers, this is A Must Have! album. I hope You'll enjoy it, and will wait for your impressions.

Track Listings:

01 - New born Child (7:45)
02 - Selfmade Trip (10:29)
03 - A New Way (7:04)
04 - Indra Elegy (11:43)
05 - Irminsul (2:10)
06 - Yggdrasil (3:40)
07 - Stories (4:39)
08 - Cheese (4:38)

Total Time: 52:08


- Horst Waber / drums
- Harald Zuschrader / organ, flute, guitar, sax
- Hubert Bognermayer / keyboards
- Gerhard English / bass
- Heinz Gerstenmair / guitar, organ, vocals
- Will Orthofer / vocals, sax

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Progressive Rock

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your words made me curious . . let´s hear this kraut and/or psych-rock . .

thank you for the presentation and may your days be sunny : Kill.Waas

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