Monday, April 23, 2007

Dragan Dautovski Quartet - Patot Na Sonceto (The Path Of The Sun) [2001]

The best Macedonian folk musician Dragan Dautovski, had his concert 3 days ago here in Macedonia. The concert was important because D.Dautovski played an ancient instrument found here in Macedonia called Ocarina
This instrument is 6000 years old, it is found in the area of the city of Veles.
Here is a picture of Dragan Dautovski holding the ancient flute

The instrument is circle-shaped and it has three holes for making tones.
The instrument gives only 13 tones, but D. Dautovski claimed that he had found 3 more tones.
Below is the quartet's first album after Dragan Dautovski has left the group Synthesis. Dragan Dautovski was founder of this group, and first it was called D.D. Synthesis.
However, this album doesn't contains any tracks played on Ocarina, because the instrument was presented three days ago, as I said before.

01 - Molitva (Prayer)
02 - Ogledalo (Mirror)
03 - Gorocvet (Highland Blossom)
04 - Kopnezh (Longing)
05 - Mesechina (Moon)
06 - Patuvanje (Journey)
07 - Jano, Jano
08 - Balkan (Balkans)
09 - Nasproti Vetrot (Against The Wind)
10 - Zajdi, Zajdi Jasno Sonce [Bonus Track]

Get the album here.

Enjoy the Macedonian Folklore! :-)

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