Friday, April 20, 2007

Mizar - Kobna Ubavina (Terrible Beauty) [2004]

Vocal on this album is Goran Trajkovski from another great Macedonian Band - Anastasija
This is the group's last album, but currently they are working on a new album, again with the first singer, Goran Tanevski.
Enjoy in this album, it is great piece of Music, a MUST HAVE Album.

Get it Here, 65 Mb

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virshla said...


Anonymous said...

in case you have the original cd and booklet, would you be so kind and check who wrote tr.9 (razgovor...)
I need ALL names, unfortunately I cannot buy the cd where I live and it is quite important

Miguel Escamilla said...

Hi, thanks for share this great music. Please recomend me more Macedonian bands like Foltin, Mizar...
Say Hello from México!!!