Wednesday, June 6, 2007

East of Eden - Mercator Projected [1969]

They where formed in 1967 and signed with DECCA RECORDS around the year 1969. Their line-up included Dave Arbus (electric violin, flute, saxophone), Ron Caines (alto sax), Geoff Nicholson (guitar, vocals), Steve York (bass guitar) and Dave Dufont (percussion). Their sound is a mixture of jazz-fusion with many oriental influences.
Excellent album where you get an outburst of electric violin, flute and saxes combined with Bela Bartok and other classical, oriental and even gypsie tunes always of course on a heavy rock basis.

01. Northern Hemisphere (5:03)
02. Isadora (4:19)
03. Waterways (7:00)
04. Centaur Woman (7:09)
05. Bathers (4:57)
06. Communion (4:02)
07. Moth (4:03)
08. In The Stable Of The Sphinx (8:20)

Total Time: 44:53

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Very good LP indeed! By far the best work of the Group.
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