Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Sacred Mushroom - The Sacred Mushroom [1969]

01 - I Don't Like You
02 - You Won't Be Sorry
03 - Catatonic Lover
04 - All Good Things Must Have An End
05 - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
06 - I Take Care
07 - Mean Old World
08 - Lifeline


Artwork included.

Password in comments.


virshla said...


Sir Lord Doom said...

What are they like? Seems interesting to me. I really dig old psyche...

virshla said...

Well, I can only say that I recommend them to you, you will not be sorry for spending 65Mb.
And I can only say.... Enjoy!!
Take Care!

Funky Junky said...

Gi simnav ovie Virshla bomba se !!!Epten se Sacred Mushrrom. Fala bato i do citanje!Pozdrav!

Anonymous said...

muy buena descarga un grupo exelente de psicodelia este the sacred mushroom

Awixumayita said...

Menudo descubrimiento! son geniales

gracias por subirlo

Gill said...


These tracks Rock!

I'm diggin' it deep!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great post, Virshla...cheers