Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flower Travellin' Band - Satori [1971]

Flower Travellin' Band were an esoteric Japanese psychedelic rock/ heavy metal outfit active in the late 1960s and early 1970s, consisting of Akira "Joe" Yamanaka (vocals), Hideki Ishima (guitar), Joji "George" Wada (drums) and Jun Kozuki (bass).

The band was initially organized by Japanese entertainer and entrepreneur Yuya Uchida as "The Flowers," a cover band, and featured a female vocalist, Remi Aso, who was touted as the Japanese version of Janis Joplin. Their first album consisted of covers of Western pop songs. It was primarily notable for the fact that all of the band members appeared nude on the cover, including Aso, which was considered scandalous at the time.

However, after the "Flowers" album, Uchida lost interest and Aso drifted away. The remaining members reorganized themselves, acquiring Joe Yamanaka as a vocalist on the recommendation of Uchida, and proceeded to explore a more original and rock-oriented direction. Wiki


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I recognised the album in Anthem of the Space blog a few days ago, but I wasn't able to DL it (fully). Thanks to you now I have it... Maybe I'll listen to it these days and tell you what I think of it... Thanks anyway!

Bilek said...

Once again. Listened to the album just once today, and it is great! I didn't think these Japanese guys could have done such great music! (though I already admire Far East Family Band's work...) The guitar sound reminds me of Erkin Koray (my fellow Turkish citizen) at times, and at other times Jimi Hendrix... the vocals recall Ozzy in the beginning. All in all, a great album! Thanks.

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND is Rockin' Treasure. said...

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND is Rockin' Treasure!

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Great stuff! First I heard them was on Miike's "Deadly Outlaw: Rekka". Love old Sabbath and heavy pschyodel tunes. This is on par with greats bands as those.

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Good Job! :)

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND is Rockin' Treasure. said...

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Thanks a lot for this!

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Thank you very much, you're an awesome doodle-dude