Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tibet - Tibet [1978]

A German one-album band. Although they had only one release, this is a piece of music that any proghead should have it in it's collection. Tibet was formed in 1972 , inspired from bands like The Beatles, Third Ear Band... With complex fusion of astral rock, jazz, Tibetan instruments (tabla, zither ,flute...), this band stands side by side with bands like Kraan, Eloy... As I sad, this album is an excellent addition to any progressive rock collection.


01. Flight Back 4:59
02. City by the Sea 4:24
03. White Ships and Icebergs 6:15
04. Seaside Evening 4:13
05. Take What's Yours 7:23
06. Eagles 6:05
07. No More Time 5:30

The Band:

Kalus Werthmann - Lead Vocals
Deff Ballin - Keyboards, Percussion
Dieter Kumpakischkis - Keyboards
Karl Heinz Hamann - Bass, Percussion
Fred Teske - Drums
Jurgen Grutzsch - Guitars, Percussion

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