Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Various Artists - Reefer Madness a Collection of Vintage Drug Songs 1927-45 [2004]

I think that no further comments are needed for this upload... Listen for yourself!
Artwork Included.
Password in comments as usual.

Download it HERE - 73.2 Mb@192 Kbps


virshla said...


Kurbla said...

Viršla, pozdrav od Kurlbe iz Zagreba, Hrvatska. Doobar blog!

virshla said...

Hvala puno Kurbla!

Sve najbolje!

Pozdrav! :)

Sturgut said...

Hey friend,
why don't you upload your albums to sharebee or massmirror?

By the way, my new try :

May you change old SilverainTR's link to the new one?

Take care,see you..

nothing said...

Thank you so much for this. I had the cd, got it from oink, but lost it at a festival.

I have been searching for it for years, and have missed torrents and downloads etc, but now i find it, and just in time for 420

I have some really good swing cds from this period, but this drug music is really interesting culturally also. My friends who heard about it put it in context of modern drug rap and its cool to compare the attitudes and such.

Thank you for this, I will have to investigate the rest of your blog.