Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Titus Groan - Titus Groan [1970]

Great Progressive Rock band from the UK, and this is their only album, as far as I know.
Year: 1970
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country: UK
Quality: Mp3 256 Kbps
Size: 64 Mb
Total Time: 35:20


01. It Wasn't For You (5:33)
02. Hall Of Bright Carvings (11:37)
a) Theme
b) Dusty High-Value Hall
c) The Burning
d) Theme
03. I Can't Change (5:41)
04. It's All Up With Us (6:07)
05. Fuschia (6:18)

The Band:

Stuart Cowell - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
John Lee - Bass
Tony Priestland - Saxophone, Flute, Oboe
Jim Toomey - Drums

Download Here

Artwork & Info included.
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